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Audio has been a mainstay in The Ward Group’s media toolbox since our inception in 1985. We’ve been placing radio media buys for over 30 years. Now, thanks to the Internet, the audio landscape has grown, offering a multitude of streaming options as well as new formats like podcasts. While audio ads are no longer limited to the broadcast airwaves, terrestrial radio still provides the greatest reach out of any media channel out there, including TV and digital. Radio can be a very powerful tool in your media plan.


Audio, especially radio, is one of the most reliable ways to connect with an engaged, passionate and dedicated audience. Unlike many other media types, radio is portable. As a staple in any vehicle on the road, radio ads offer an excellent opportunity to catch listeners while they’re out of the home and guide them to a purchase. Whether it’s a particular genre of music or a favorite local on-air personality, consumers have a strong connection with their radio stations of choice and other audio platforms they listen to. Music and other forms of audio entertainment are great environments in which brands can gain exposure to consumers while they are doing something they enjoy. To learn more about how the power of radio can positively impact your brand, talk to us today.

Terrestrial Radio

Digital Streaming



Audio has a real-world benefit for you brand. You can target your audience across a number of metrics, including geography, age, gender and genre. Through qualitative research, our media planners can determine the ideal formats, stations and times your target audience is likely to listen. Radio media buys have a large audience and work well running concurrently with other media such as TV, digital and out-of-home. Digital streaming channels typically come with a lot of information on their subscriber base, including their interests, listening habits and media consumption. And podcasting, a new but fast-growing media channel, offers you the chance to introduce your brand to an engaged, loyal, mobile audience.


Radio offers the most direct avenue into a local market. And with the right planners and buyers assisting you throughout the strategic development, market research, analysis and buy negotiation, you can find the best local stations to connect with your brand. As media stewards, we leverage our experience and relationships with station groups throughout the country to offer you professional recommendations wherever your advertising needs may take you. Our holistic approach to media buying considers the entire media landscape. Should audio be a valuable asset to your media plan, we will negotiate the best rates for you, ensuring your ad dollars are invested responsibly to drive great results.


Whether you’re trying to reach an entire metro area or just need to connect with a local audience, audio is a proven option to deliver your message and drive people to take action. Start planning with us today.

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